Saturday, March 6, 2010

Barefoot running clinic with Ken Bob Saxton

I just got done attending one of Ken Bob's barefoot running clinics, and it was great! We got some more in-depth info on upright posture, having a quick cadence and learning to run pain free. Something that was most interesting to me was the fact that Ken does NOT have blackened, knarly feet, his feet were as soft and tender as my own! Barefoot running isn't about building those calluses on the bottom of your feet, or even making the skin tougher..... Barefoot running is all about moving more smoothly, bending your knees as to use the natural springy-ness in your legs to take the brunt of the rocks and gravel away from your feet. One should glide along the top of the ground, the instant your feet "touch" the ground, they should be on their way to moving forward for another step! When barefoot running, the words, "heel strike", "strike", "hit", "pound"....shouldn't be in your vocabulary.

Overall, the best advise I could come away from this clinic with, would be that our feet are the best coaches we have. We need to listen and FEEL that feedback they give us, constantly adjusting to how we land, and how we move based on the feedback given to us by our own bodies!

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